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Our train only program allows players to get the necessary training to accelerate their game to the next level without having to commit to a teams games or entire practice schedule.

Some players dont want to leave their current team but want a program that trains their players at a much higher level and has all the new technology thats used at the professionals and college level.. Our Rapsodo pitching and hitting devices dives deep into a players mechanics that the human eye cant possible see. Imagine having every swing and pitch videoed in HD at 850 frames per second. On top of that all the data readings on each swing and pitch to ensure the proper mechanics are being used to perform above your competition. Every pitch and swing during the Rapsodo sessions will be recoreded and saved in the cloud for players and parents to access anytime and to track thier progress over time.

Many athletes just lack strength and or explosivness. We offer a safe and productive way to quickly gain these two tools every player needs. Our Vertimax platforms will safely train all players fast twitch muscles for that explosive competitive edge. Each player will also work or core strength, balance and agility during our workouts.


Option 1 

For just $150 a month each player gets 2 1/2 hours a week of Vertimax and Rapsodo ( Broken up between 2 days)

Option 2

For just $ 225 a month you get option one plus one 2 hour team field workout with our professional coaching staff. For convenience you can attend either one of the scheduled field practices each week.  FYI only 3 spots per age group are available for this option in order to maintain proper coach to player ratio during field workouts.

To secure one of these spots please email ocscorpionsbaseball@gmail.com and be sure to mention your option choice along with players name and birthdate.