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What is Rapsodo? (See RAPSODO.COM)

Rapsodo has two different units. One is for pitching and the other for hitting.

They both use a camera and radar technology that measures and analyzes every possible data point of a pitch and batted ball in flight to give a pitch and hit analysis like never before. The pitching readings would be velocity, spin rate, spin direction, strike zone analysis, pitch break and 3D trajectory just to name a few. Hitting readings would be exit velocity off bat, distance, direction ball traveling, launch angle and spin direction to name a few.

In our lessons we also use the Rapsodo insight which is a slow motion high speed HD video that links directly to the pitching or hitting units to give slow motion video feedback alongside the Sabermetrics readings on every pitch and batted ball to be viewed anytime in the cloud by the student, parent and coach. This allows the student to see video on the pitches or batted balls that were effective and those that were not, and make the necessary adjustments and repeat the mechanics on the successful pitches and hits.

1/2 hour Rapsodo session $75; Add Rapsodo Insight Video for $10

1 hour Rapsodo session $135; Add Rapsodo Insight Video for $15

To book your session please email ocscorpionsbaseball@gmail.com and be sure to mention you are interested in a Rapsodo lesson. One of our certified coaches will get right back to you.

Thank you

Coach Buccheri