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The most important aspect of the Scorpion’s baseball program is ownership of your journey.  Scorpions coaches and staff create player specific roadmaps based on player stated goals and commitments.

U state your goal.  We provide the roadmap.  U commit to getting there.

Perhaps the single most misunderstood part of this process is the goal development.  We do not tout a bunch of athletes throwing 90 or hitting exit velocity over 100.  Those are not goals; those are objectives.  We believe your goal should be leveraging baseball to obtain what you want.  Once you have a clear goal we can provide the roadmap of measurable objectives to give you the best chance to reach it.

Those objectives are composed of a number of skill areas.  These are the areas that Scouts at ALL levels evaluate, measure and formulate a decision if your athlete is worth their investment.  Scorpions U provides focus and guidance in these areas.

Click HERE to view Scorpions emphasized measurables.