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Frequently Asked Questions

Account FAQ

Adding a parent/guardian to your Household

1. Log in to your account (at SportsEngine).
2. Click on the circle with your initials at the top right corner of the screen.
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Select Household from the menu on the left side of the page.
5. Click on the player for whom you want to add a guardian.
6. To the right of the player's profile information, you should see a box titled "Guardians". Click on the plus sign in the circle in the upper right corner of that box.
7. Enter the email of the guardian that you want to add
8. An invite email will be sent to the guardian's email address that you entered.  The guardian will then accept the invite. If the guardian has an existing account, the team info should just populate.

  1. I want to sign up for the OC Scorpions but I'm not sure how much it costs or if I can afford it.
    • We understand the challenge with finances and have tried to come up with the most cost effective pricing while still providing the quality and professional coaching your child deserves.  For our program, we offer the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis with dues of $295 per month. For this fee Your child will get approximately 24 hours each month  of training and 32 hours a month once games start with our professional coaching staff.  This also includes our strength and conditioning class using the Vertimax  platforms ( )This breaks down to approximately $12 per hour of professional instruction. 
  2. How far will we travel?
    • Most of our tournaments are less then 1 hour from OC. Some teams play in our CCYB league which are local games with half of them being on our home field at Woodfield Park in Aliso Viejo.
  3. How long is the season?
    • The season runs from July-February. However our 13u and above play all year round to prepare for HS.
  4. Is it ok that I play other sports?
    • We understand and support multi-sport kids and do not take playing time away for missed practices do to those conflicts.
  5. Who are the coaches?
    • Many of our coaches work at the HS level including ANHS Varsity head coach Craig Hansen. You can view their bio on the home page.
  6. We plan on traveling over the summer and don't want to miss games.
    • Our 8u-12u only practice and scrimmage over the summer to allow families to plan vacations without having to work around games. We use the summer to develop and prepare for competitive games starting in September.
  7. How many practices a week and for how long?
    • Each team has two 3 hours practices a week. After daylight savings practice times may be shortened 15 minutes for some teams.
  8. Do you have a team that goes to Cooperstown for the Cooperstown Dreams park tournament.
    • Yes. Every September we start putting the Cooperstown roster together and helping those families make all the necessary arrangements. We usually play in the tournament in August the week before school starts back up.

For more information about Cooperstown Dreams Park, please visit their website (