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 Player development means having the right pieces in place.  Our unique mixture of coaches sets us aside. Most of our coaches are currently coaching at the High School level and have played at the college and pro level. Knowing what  a competitive HS player should look like helps us train our younger athletes properly before its too late.


Strenght & Conditioning

Sometimes players have good fundamentals but lack strength and speed. All our players train like pros utilizing the Vertimax platforms  for explosivness. These platforms are a safe and fun way for our players to gain a competitive edge. Vertimax link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6SoTDAWuY4&t=2s




We use Rapsodo on all our players to help detect any deficiences that cant be seen by the human eye. The Rapsodo data helps give our players a head start in identifying and correcting any fundamental weaknesses. Rapsodo pitching link https://youtu.be/tkd5DcapAHc

Rapsodo hitting link https://youtu.be/3Tn6zpz29lQ


Program age groups are 7-17




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Meet The Coaches
JAMES BUCCHERI Call/Text: (949)205-9080 Email:  ocscorpionsbaseball@gmail.com James...
Private Coaching
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Meet The Coaches


Call/Text: (949)205-9080


James Buccheri’s career includes over 22 years of professional experience playing for organizations such as the Oakland A’s, Tampa Bay Rays, and playing in the first World Baseball Classic in Orlando Florida.  James was also the starting outfielder for Team Italy in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece and was honored to be voted to the Olympic All-Star Team.  In addition to his professional playing experience, James has been coaching locally for various baseball clubs and providing private lessons to players of all ages for over 20  years. Currently, James is the director and head coach of the OC Scorpions Baseball Club and a  ANHS baseball coach. He continues to actively provide individual and private instruction to local players and is proud to have two sons presently playing on Scorpions and at Aliso Niguel High School.



Heading into his 20th season coaching at the Varsity level with 17 years as Head Coach at Aliso Niguel High School. In 2019 Craig was Orange County's baseball coach of the year. Craig played 6 years of pfessional baseball with 5 of those years in the Padres organization and 1 year with the Mariners.

Robert Anderle
Heading into his 9th year of coaching baseball at Aliso Niguel High School with the last three years coaching at the varsity level. 



Call/Text: (949) 683-5229

Primarily a catching instructor with a catching background at Huntington Beach High School (1989-1990) and Cal State Fullerton (1991).  Chris earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton in 1995. He was an AVLL coach/manager for 5 years (2009 – 2013) and an assistant coach – 2012 with AVLL 11u All Star Team that reached the Sections Tournament.  Coach Mangels has organized and/or participated in several various AVLL off-season and in-season clinics since 2011.  Chris is also an Assistant Coach/Catching Instructor for the OC Scorpions program (2011-present)



Mike played in the big leagues from 89-95 with the Dodgers, Phillies, and Twins organizations. After retiring from MLB, Mike directed baseball camps and coached little league for over 8 years. He then began coaching professionally in 2005 in the Golden Baseball League known in 2007 as the South Coast League. In 2012, Mike coached in Grosetto Italy, where he Managed our very own OC Scorpions coach James Buccheri. Mike currently coaches over seas during the off season and is excited to be part of the OC Scorpions coaching staff.




posted 11/02/2019
Private Coaching


OC Scorpions’ Professional Instructors offer private lessons to all ages. Private lessons are individualized half-hour sessions with an experienced instructor and are available to those who want to improve their hitting, pitching, catching, fielding or a combination of them all.


Our coaching philosophy is to teach fundamentals in a positive way - with patience, diligent application, and enthusiastic praise. We constantly receive positive feedback from our players and their parents who are excited about the quality of the instruction and the personal attention they receive.  With all our players, we look beyond the quick-fix and help players and parents develop a long-term plan for achieving success on the field.


Here are a few examples of what to expect:



  • Increase power, insure maximum transfer of energy from body to batted ball.
  • Learn proper load, separation, weight shift, and contact.
  • Develop a hitting strategy for increased batting average.
  • Learn how to work a count to your advantage, increase your hitting IQ.



  • Learn proper throwing mechanics for both pitchers and fielders.
  • Learn how to increase velocity through lower body strength and increased arm strength.
  • Prevent injury with instruction on proper frequency, technique and shoulder exercises.
  • Develop a repeatable motion to increase accuracy and control.
  • Learn how to use your strengths to exploit hitter’s weaknesses.



  • Learn proper technique for fielding ground balls, pop-flys, and other unique situations.
  • Work on balance and footwork to insure you are in the right position for all fielded balls.
  • Learn how to play all positions, become an invaluable team member at any level.



  • Develop focus on the field, understand situational baseball at the highest level.
  • Build your confidence, develop a winning approach to the game.
  • Work on your mental toughness and develop a high baseball IQ.


Never done lessons before? If you’re interested in scheduling a 30-minute skills assessment with an instructor, please


Skills Assessments are typically 15 minutes of 1-on-1 drill work, 10 minutes of sit down feedback, and 5 minutes to set up a customized training plan. We would ask that parents are present during this process.

posted 11/01/2019
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